Hi, I'm Đức.

My full name is Tôn Hồng Đức, but most people call me by my alias AVAVT.

I'm a Vietnamese Go player, front-end developer, and wannabe game creator.

I have been working exclusively as a front-end developer on both web and mobile platforms since 2008, and recently dabble in game creation. My specialization is UI & visual: animations, transformations, 3D planetariums, fireworks, you got it. So if you're looking for a front-end dev who write nodejs and stuffs that an end-user will never see, I'm on the other end of the spectrum.

You can see some of my recent works below.

I also answer Stackoverflow questions in my free time. You're welcome to send me a link to your front-end question if you're stuck in development. I quite enjoy fixing bugs, it's good exercise.

At this time, I'm working freelance and prefer remote works on my own PC, because front-end development greatly benefits from hardware setup - multiple displays of various resolutions and qualities - which most clients find difficult to provide on-site.

I'm particularly interested in projects that I can later refer to as my work, because my portfolio is already full of top-secret, non-disclosable projects.

Things I've made

  • TechKids.vn

    Original design & code scaffolding of the main site for TechKids Coding School - where I'm serving as an instructor.

    Actual website was completed and maintained by the school's graduates.

  • Apples of Eden

    A tribute to the mobile classic Snake.

    An action puzzle game where you guide Little Snake around the ever-changing garden maze of Eden.

    Featuring an innovative gameplay for classic concept.

  • Monument Generator

    Generate random colorful monuments onclick/idle.

  • g0tStats?

    Analytic tool for Online Go Server. Provides interesting (I hope) statistics about a player on OGS.

    Source code is available on GitHub.

  • Pau, catch me! preview

    Pau, catch me!

    A cute little endless runner game for iOS & Android made with Unity. I would say this is my first success in game making, especially the art style.

  • REAC preview

    REAC - Color Domino

    A puzzle game based on color & changes. The game is quite difficult and I would say it's not for everyone.

  • China scanner preview

    China Scanner

    Barcode scanner that can tell you which country the product comes from, so you can avoid getting swindled by the retailer.

  • AMPYA music player

    AMPYA Music Player

    This is one big project. My team only worked on the online music player subdomain. I made the UI while another guy made the music player.

  • Pong preview


    Who doesn't like Pong?

    Back in 2011 HTML <canvas> was quite hot, and people started thinking about making games with HTML5. I joined the trend and this was the result. Not too bad I'd say. I still play it from time to time.

For the full list of my past works, please see my Linkedin profile.